Key Replacement Protection

Car Key and Fob Replacement

When your customers lose their car keys, it’s not just a hassle. Car key replacement can be expensive, especially when key fob replacement is involved. Today’s keyless start and entry systems are designed with advanced computer chips that are programmed specifically to each vehicle, making key fob replacement difficult and expensive.

Give your customers peace of mind with car keys replacement protection from ADM Marketing. Our car key replacement program makes key replacements fast and easy and also includes the following benefits.

To find out more about adding car key replacement to your list of dealer offerings, contact ADM Marketing today!

Car Keys Replacement Program Highlights

  • Coverage available for new and used vehicles
  • Plans available up to 5 years
  • Unlocks the vehicle
  • Replaces the car key(s) and / or key fob / transponder
  • Reprograms the keys as needed
  • Replaces any key on the key tagged key ring
  • Emergency message relay
  • Driver’s valet assistance program
  • Towing coverage
  • Key recovery and reward system