F&I Training for Successful Deal Structuring

The success of your dealership’s finance and insurance (F&I) department depends on a properly trained staff who can execute a solid plan. From your auto dealership finance manager to your sales staff, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page.

ADM Marketing’s streamlined F&I training programs are designed to get your finance department up and running in days, not weeks. Plus, we don’t place limitations on the amount of time we need to bring your F&I manager up to speed… whatever it takes to help develop a successful F&I manager, we’ll do to get the job done!

We’ll start by tracking F&I income and penetrations through a series of easy-to-read reports and graphs. Then we’ll benchmark your results with your peers to establish goals and measurable potential performance.

Check out our training options below or contact us for details!

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Finance and Insurance Training Seminars

Our Premier Menu-Selling System seminar is a great automotive finance manager training program designed to get finance managers and sales staff up to speed fast. We’ll teach you our proven method for generating increased income and better deal structuring in your finance department.

For more information on our finance and insurance training courses, check our seminar schedule or contact us.

During this powerful F&I manager training you will learn:

  • What an F&I department is
  • How to maximize your F&I revenues
  • How inconsistency in presenting F&I products is killing your profits
  • Solutions for overcoming objections and closing sales
  • Where F&I profits are coming from
  • How the F&I process can add value to the purchase experience for your customers
  • How to take the pressure out of the F&I selling process
  • How to reduce the amount of time customers spend in the F&I office
  • Why not just F&I, but all management personnel need a clear understanding of the Menu-Selling process.
  • Why F&I departments are coming under fire and how to avoid legal problems with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB)

This 2-day finance and insurance manager training is available at our facility in Camp Hill, PA.

Individual Dealership Training

Looking for customized finance and insurance manager training for your auto dealership? We can create a specialized automotive finance manager training program just for you. Our finance and insurance training courses focus on training your sales team to sell the F&I products you offer more effectively for improved closing rates and maximum revenue. We can also work with your team to develop improved processes or work on compliance training.

Whether you need a complete F&I manager training program or just want to bring new recruits up to speed, our individual training programs are the perfect way to get everyone pulling in the same direction!

To find out more about customized F&I training for your dealership, contact ADM Marketing today!