Environmental Protection Plans for Cars

Environmental Protection Plan

And environmental protection plan for cars helps protect your customers’ vehicles from damage caused by mother nature. In most all cases, car manufacturers severely restrict warranty coverage to the exterior paint as documented in the warranty booklet and owner’s manual. But, environmental issues like acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, decaying insects, hard water, ice melting agents and UV damage from the sun are specifically excluded by the manufacturer’s warranty.

ADM Marketing Group’s exclusive environmental protection for cars provides warranty coverage where the factory doesn’t. Here are just some of the benefits of our environmental protection plan for cars that adds value to your customers and additional revenue for your dealership.

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Plan Highlights:

  • Low cost / high margin, non-chargeback program
  • Best brand recognition – Simoniz, DuPont Teflon (exclusive licensee) and Great American Insurance
  • 7 year and lifetime exterior and interior warranties available
  • No deductible to the consumer
  • Rental car coverage (10 days at $50 per day)
  • Exterior
    Exterior coverage protects against environmental elements plus hard water spotting, road de-icing agents, paint overspray and aerosol spray paint
  • Interior
    Interior coverage protects seats, carpets, floor mats and cargo areas from all consumable foods, chewing gum, crayons, food dyes, vomit, clothing dye, ink, make-up and more
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