Extended Car Warranty and Maintenance Plans

Certified Limited Warranty

Provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes with an extended car warranty and maintenance plan. Our aftermarket car warranty programs as part of our F&I product offering provide your customers with extended aftermarket car warranty coverage that helps close the sale. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to up-sell more comprehensive extended warranty for cars options including lifetime powertrain warranty coverage, extended car warranty and maintenance plan for used cars as well as other aftermarket vehicle warranty programs.

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Extended Car Warranty and Maintenance Plan Highlights:

Differentiate your Dealership from your Competition

While other dealerships in your area may provide extended aftermarket car warranty coverage, we can provide more warranty service options to offer your customers, helping you stand out from your competitors.

Increase Vehicle Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Retention

By offering specialized extended car warranty coverage plans like lifetime powertrain warranty protection and extended warranty options for used cars, you’ll retain more customers in your auto repair and service department year after year, while providing greater value and increased customer satisfaction.

Protects the Major Components of your Customer's Vehicle

Our extended aftermarket car warranty coverage provides protection for all of the vehicle’s major components, providing peace of mind to your customers.

Coverage terms up to Current + 15 Model Years and 150,000 miles

Customers can choose an extended car warranty plan that covers their vehicle up to 15 model years or up to 150,000 miles for maximum protection and satisfaction.

Marketing Materials to Promote the Program

ADM Marketing provides all the marketing materials and support you need to effectively promote our extended vehicle warranty service.

Easy to Use Inspection Process

No complicated inspection processes are necessary. A simple inspection at the time warranty coverage is all that’s needed.

Broad Range of Coverage Terms and Deductible Options

Our extended warranty coverage for cars includes many coverage levels with deductible options that fit your customers’ needs and budget.

24-hour Roadside Assistance, Rental Car, Meals, and Lodging Coverage Included

Many of our extended warranty options for cars come with valuable features, including roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and lodging costs.

Dealer Participation Programs are available

These programs can increase your profit-growing opportunities even more!

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