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Is your dealership leaving money on the table? Are you offering customers the services they value to improve profit margins? Does your sales team have the proper training to sell these services? Are you properly tracking sales opportunities and other metrics that are vital to your bottom line?

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What We Do

At ADM Marketing we specialize in providing auto dealerships with the tools they need to improve their sales process, increase efficiency and offer value-added services like warranty solutions that encourage customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In fact, we can help you increase your F&I revenue by as much as 20% within 120 days!


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Take advantage of our full-service consulting expertise for your F&I department and Fixed Operations - both key components to maximizing performance opportunities.


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Boost your bottom line with a complete suite of F&I products including extended auto warranties, service contracts, environmental service contracts, GAP insurance, anti-theft and loyalty retention solutions.

Dealership Training

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Through customized training and processes like the Smart Track selling system, we can help your dealership personnel develop the skills to maintain higher levels of performance and F&I profitability.

Seminars & Registration

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Fine tune your F&I Managers selling skills for an even greater boost to your profitability. Our seminars address all the aspects of being an effective and efficient Finance Manager.

Ready to get started? Send us a message or call today 1(800) 642-4236.

How We Do It

We're a local, hands-on marketing company focused solely on the needs of vehicle dealerships. We thrive on personal connections with our dealers, helping you leverage advantages you already have and implementing the RIGHT strategies that can make a big difference to your short and long-term profitability.

For example, you may already offer your customers aftermarket auto warranty coverage from other extended warranty companies. However, we can show you better ways to sell extended auto warranties that increase your closing ratio and add profit to your bottom line. And unlike other extended auto warranty companies who provide cookie-cutter solutions, we offer extended warranty solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of your customers.

Our Products

We can offer full service solutions or specific products to help your dealership grow.

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Loyalty Retention Solutions
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Anti-Theft Protection
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Pre-Owned & New Car Paint Protection
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Car Keys and Key Fob Replacement
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Road Hazard Protection
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Vehicle Maintenance Plans
Car headlight
Environmental Protection
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Gap Insurance Protection
vehicle service contracts
Vehicle Service Contracts
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Certified Limited Warranty

Want to know more?

Take the first step to increasing your profits and promoting customer loyalty. Contact ADM Marketing today to schedule a FREE fact-finding blueprint analysis. We would like to learn more about your dealership and what your long-term goals are.

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